Totara & Moodle Hosting for Government Entities

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Moonami has had an Amazon AWS FedRamp Environment since the launch of our company in
2013. Our expert technicians have extensive experience in deploying, managing and maintaining
Moodle within Amazon’s GovCloud, and FedRamp environment. Moonami’s AWS’s FedRAMP High
authorization cloud infrastructure for Moodle includes over 400 security controls and gives U.S.
government agencies the ability to leverage the AWS Cloud for highly sensitive workloads,
including Personal Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive patient records, financial data, law
enforcement data, and other Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). The U.S. federal
government has granted FedRAMP Low-Impact SaaS authorization to Moonami for Moodle,
Moodle WorkPlace, and Totara, on AWS GovCloud.

The solution is designed to help institutions get up and running quickly with no capital expenditure and minimal internal IT support needed.   Moonami manages all aspects of the Moodle hosting infrastructure, freeing up internal developers and systems administrators or other strategic needs.